Get started in Natural Horsemanship

Get started in Natural Horsemanship

3 Days - 240 €

If you like horses but you don't know them, or you are not yet comfortable around them, come and get to know them in ideal surroundings.

Day 1: Welcome to the centre. Visit horses in the countrside where they live all year round. Observation - horse language - communication. Aperitif

Day 2: Connecting with and handling the horse from the ground. 

Day 3: Guided walk with horse in hand. Horseathlon/Horse Agility exercises. Introduction to riding: taking the connection established in groundwork onto the horse's back.

The work with horses is from 10 am to 1 pm. The aperitif is followed by a working lunch when we will go over the morning's experience and apply it to your situation. After lunch, you are free to enjoy the centre (library, siesta, swimming pond), and the surrounding natural environment.

For accommodation, please get in touch.

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