Personal Development with Horses

Personal Development with Horses

Horses have a gift for revealing people's character and state of mind to them - attitudes, behaviour, communication skills, confidence, natural authority, playfulness, leadership.

Whether horses are themselves aware of this ability is up for discussion but there is no doubt that their innate sensitivity and reactivity make them experts at reflecting our approach to them: what they see is what you get!

This ability of horses to reveal can help us to change our attitudes to, for example, social interactions and improve our handling of them, in the process developing new talents.

In fact, personal devopment with horses takes advantage of both their talent for teaching and the attraction that many people feel towards them, to work on things like self-esteem, interpersonal communication, and team-work.


At Outback Spain our starting point is the common ground shared by equine ethology (the scientific understanding of native horse psychology and behaviour) and human psychology, particularly of the pragmatic-humanist kinds like Transactional Analysis and Gestalt.

We back up this approach with extensive teaching experience in a variety of contexts - academic, vocational and amateur.

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