Prices & Booking


Prices are based on a rate of 120 € per person per day; half-days are charged at 75 €.

Depending on the number of people booking and on the length of stay, the price per person and per day reduces progressively: consult us for details.

Furthermore, published packs and programmed events (see Calendar) are offered at attractively discounted rates.


Get in touch to confirm your choice of pack or calendar event, or to arrange a custom stay - we will help you to choose and we will give you a quotation. Booking is confirmed on receipt of a 25% deposit.


In the event of a cancellation, please advise us by e-mail.

If the cancellation is made 15 or more days before the date booked, you have the option of making an alternative booking, during the 3 months following the cancellation. We will retain the deposit during that period, and should you decide not to renew your booking, we will refund 50% of the deposit.

If the cancellation is made less than 15 days before the booked date, you can book another date, during the 3 months following receipt of your deposit. We will retain your deposit during that time, and if you decide not to renew your booking, we will refund 25% of the deposit.

Airport Transfers

Let us know if you need to be picked up at the airport in Madrid or Valladolid, or at a bus or train station in Segovia.


If your stay includes activities with horses or donkeys, check that your travel insurance does not exclude them.


We can provide self-contained, self-catering accommodation for 2-4 people in our small straw-bale cabin, at no extra charge, on a first come, first served basis. Straw is probably the best thermal and sound insulation there is, so the cabin is comfortable all year round, cool in summer and cosy in winter.

If you are arranging your own accommodation, let us know if you require assistance in contacting one of the local hotels or guesthouses, a selection of which appears in the Accommodation section in Spanish.

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