About us

We are Geneviève Tenthorey and Brian Mac Gowran, a Swiss-Irish couple with a shared passion for nature and the outdoors and a common goal of living in close contact with nature, making as little impact as we can on the natural environment and the creatures we share it with.

Geneviève comes from the Swiss Alps, where she grew up on the family farm, growing fruit, vegetables and vines. A keen naturalist since childhood, she combined studies in geography with a carreer in nature conservation, with which she is still involved.

Geneviève is a founder member of the Segovia branch of the Spanish Society of Ornithology, SEO-Birdlife.

Brian grew up in Ireland, studied biology and later medicine, and alternated city and country life for a time, before we discovered, in 1996, the Tierra de Pedraza which is our corner of Outback Spain, and set up the organic smallholding here on which we live.

Brian is member of the Spanish Ethological Society.

One of our first principles is that to love nature is to undestand and respect it and we are pleased to share our insight and experience with lovers of nature and animals.

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