Other animals and their behaviour

Other animals and their behaviour

During your stay with us, you will frequently cross paths with all sorts of creatures, big and small, wildlife and livestock, on the ground, in trees and bushes, on rocks and walls, in the water, in the air.

The area is rich in reptiles and our ponds are home to an assortment of amphibians. Both are easy-going and fairly easy to see. Spotting mammals requires keener attention: being out and about at dawn and dusk can be very rewarding. For those of you who are especially interested, we can place camera traps to catch some nightlife on screen.

Surprisingly often, the best sightings are at the end of the day while enjoying an apéritif on the porch overlooking the swimming pond! The evening calm and patient observation are the naturalist's best friends.


Here, a European grass snake (or ringed snake Natrix natrix) has grabbed a Perez's frog (in Spain a “common frog”, Pelophylax perezi) in the duckpond.

On our daily round of smallholding jobs, looking after the ducks, geese and hens, or when we are in the garden, or checking on the horses in the commonage, we are often presented with a real treat as we make a chance discovery of some curious creature going about its business.

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