Natural Riding

Natural Riding

Once the bond has been made between horse and handler and confidence gained through games and exercises, people who want to ride can proceed to learning the keys to natural riding: contact - physical and mental - posture, balance, in harmony with the horse’s movements, at a stand, a walk and a trot.

In truth, there is nothing natural about riding, in as much as there is nothing in the evolution of humans and horses which has prepared either of them for such an experience.

Quite the contrary: horses are a prey species whose mind and bodies are designed for flight from predators, which we humans are, though we may have no predatory intention when we are with horses.

Thus, horseriding is inherently unnatural. Yet, with an understanding of the nature of horses, we humans can adapt our behaviour to complement theirs and, through suitable use of our bodies, for balance, synchrony and communication, accompany them and influence them in their movements.


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