Natural Paints & Plaster

Natural Paints & Plaster

The area (Tierra de Pedraza) was famous for its tile factories, making terracotta roof and floor tiles from the local clays, in ovens fueled by local wood. There was still a tile factory in operation when we moved here, but it closed in the early 2000s.

The local clays are of high purity and make good adobe (un-fired clay with straw) suitable for both building and decoration, in brick form and as a plaster. With clays of various colours, you can make decorative bricks, small items like candle holders, even sculptures and tableaus - like this Christmas crib.


We also use the fine coloured clays of Requijada to make durable paints which go very well on wood, iron and plaster.


The clay quarries are no longer in operation but natural erosion is transforming them into magnificent landscape features. They are generally privately owned and material should only be removed with the owners permission. There are specialist companies that market a range of coloured clays from quarries in Europe and further afield.


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